How to get over the trauma we have been through

We can be suspicious and distrustful to men or women for no apparent reason. Nobody let us down or caused us trauma or harm, but yet we are not able to trust to people. Why is that? You can be asking yourself lots of questions and wouldn´t be able to find an answer.

The answer can be, that nothing happened to you in this life. But something might have happened in the previous lives. Psychics would say that we keep reincarnating into same destinies all over again until we significantly change something. We have to literally move with our destinies to change the direction. And how do we do that?


First of all, we should find a psychic, that is going to help us erase all the bad things that happened to us lives before. Second, we can find a therapist, that will take us through the situations again and help us to get over them. Third, we must want to get involved in all that. We must want to investigate, what is it, that won´t let us be happy in this life. Very often the reason is sexual. If you know history, you must admit, there were lots of taboos in sexuality across all the previous centuries. For instance, in Platon age it was pretty normal, that men had relationship with other men. But then it changed and until recently it was taboo to have a homosexual relationship. In Russia or Poland, it is almost illegal to be homosexual. People, who are homosexual have so little possibilities how to live fulfilling life. How they can live without trauma, if the government basically takes away their basic life needs.


For those reasons, it is very demanding, that you start with sorting out your sexuality. And the best way is to start with erotic massage Prague. Professional therapists will take you through strong sexual experience, that will help you understand your body and your needs better.