The most amazing place for your bachelor party

Every party is special, but after some time of organizing the parties in the same way, it becomes a little bit boring. Do you want to try something new and have some new experiences? Maybe your bachelor party can be the right one to try something new and exciting. You should probably start with choosing the best party place. If you want something special and not boring, you can try Cartagena. Have you ever heard of this place? Cartagena is a wonderful and every wild city in Colombia. It is surrounded by beautiful island and there are a lot of interesting places to visit. It is basically the best place of a bachelor scavenger hunt.


Your party can take place in the centre of the city or on the beach. Or if you want some privacy for you and your friends, you can rent a private island! How great is that? You can feel like king or queen with your one island! There can be everything you want. You can have there all of your friends, your personal DJ and dancers.

When you want to see new places and meet new people, you can visit huge local casinos and bars. There are also a lot of great restaurants and shops.

big party

You can of course do a lot of different things there, not just partying and drinking. You can take wonderful trips and explore the islands around. You should also visit The Summer Land Music festival, which is one of the greatest electronic music actions in the world. You can also take your friends to the Deep sea fishing tour and try to catch king mackerel! Your chef can prepare a tasty food from want you catch! You can also make a trip to Isla Rosaria aka The Coral Islands of Rosaria and explore the beautiful coral reefs.

If you are interested in these ideas, look at this website Bachelor scavenger hunt and find out more information. We hope that you will enjoy our party and make memories for the rest of your life.